Daltex Red Dried Gravel 2-5mm
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Daltex Red Dried Gravel 2-5mm

Available: 25kg Poly Bags – 40 25kg Bags Per Pallet (1000kg)
Shape: Angular
PSV: 53
AAV: 1.3
AIV: 13
ACV: 12
10% Fines: 350kN
Hardness: 7

Category: Product ID: 69

Product Description

The Daltex Red Dried Gravel 1-3mm is a bold and striking red brick gravel. Commonly used in resin bonding and mixed in with other sold colours, to create a mixed or patterned effect, the red dried gravel is unbeatable. Whether as a gravel or for used in resin bounded driveways and paths, the red brick effect gives a striking look. As one of the most popular resin bounded aggregates we offer is the Daltex Red Dried Gravel and in 1-3mm sizing, it’s the perfect size to offer a smooth finish to walk on top of. The durability of the stones when used in resin bonding create a sturdy surface product.

The Daltex Red Dried Gravel is also available in the size variation 1-3mm.  For more information check out The Guide to Gravel Driveways.


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