At Resin Bound Solutions, our gravel driveway installers specialise in a wide selection of gravel driveway products, available in a range of types, colours, shapes and sizes. When it comes to the perfect drive, with Resin Bound Solutions, you can guarantee that you’re in the right hands.

To help you on your way to creating the best quality gravel driveway for you, take a look at our gravel driveway guide…

Resin Bound Gravel Driveways and Footpaths

Choosing gravel for your driveway should be angular, this is due to it not displacing easily when it’s driven on. Membrane can be laid on your driveway to stop weed growth. Whatever driveway gravel ideas you have, our driveway gravel suppliers can create a drive to be proud of that complements the exterior of your home. Why not take a look at our resin bound gravel driveway gallery, for some top tips and ideas for your home.

Garden gravel

Gravel can also be a great decorative piece for your garden, it works well with garden landscaping and is a great contrast between patio borders and flower beds. Should you want to keep the weeds at bay, again we recommend using a membrane material underneath the driveway stones and gravel.

Choosing your gravel

When it comes to choosing the gavel for your driveway, gravel driveway surfaces aren’t just necessary and functional for your exterior spaces, they’re also a great way to make your driveways, paths and gardens look attractive and visually appealing. At Resin Bound Solutions, our gravel driveway services include a variety of choices, you’re bound to find the right gravel stones for you.

Our driveway gravel types include…

  • Brittany Bronze Dried Gravel (available in 1-3mm and 2-5mm)
  • Daltex Amber Gold (available in 1-4mm)
  • Daltex Autumn Quartz (available in 1-3mm and 2-5mm)
  • Daltex Beige Dried Gravel (available in 2-5mm)
  • Daltex Black Dried Gravel (available in 2-5mm)
  • Daltex Dorset Gold (available in 2-5mm)
  • Daltex Golden Pea Dried Gravel (available in 1-3mm and 2-5mm)
  • Daltex Golden Quartz Dried Gravel (available in 2-5mm)
  • Daltex Red Dried Gravel (available in 1-3mm and 2-5mm)
  • Daltex Silver Dried Gravel (available in 1-3mm and 2-5mm)
  • Daltex White Flint Dried Gravel (available in 2-5mm)

How to lay a gravel driveway

At Resin Bound Solutions our professional team have a wealth of experience when it comes to gravel driveway installations, as well as the knowledge and required skills to complete a first-class gravel fitting, with our resin bound kits which will exceed your expectations.

Here are the main points covered when it comes to laying a resin bound gravel drive…

    1. Prepare the ground where you are going to create your gravel driveway, this may involve removing any turf or slabs as well as clearing the area.
    2. If you have an uneven surface, you will require a layer of crusher run which will allow you to raise the surface and offers a good base for your driveway.
    3. Next, pack the base of your driveway, this can be done by using a roller and ensuring the crusher run becomes compact.
    4. Lay down a fabric weed control membrane across the entire surface, this will prevent weeds from growing and spoiling the look of the driveway. If you choose to you can edge the weed membrane with bricks, this is not necessary as gravel will weigh down the weed control membrane down.
    5. Begin to spread the gravel across your driveway at a depth of around 40-50 mm.

Gravel paving grid

When laying your gravel driveway, a good idea is to choose a gravel paving grid, gravel paving grids provide a stable base for your gravel also reduce the risk of slipping. They’re simple and easy to use, but laying the gravel grids down on your surface you then join them together and fill each grid with gravel.

How to prevent weeds

One of the biggest gravel driveway problems, is plants and growths popping up between the stones. Weeds grow anywhere and everywhere and gravel drives are no exception, even one of the best quality weed control fabric and killer can only delay the inevitable.

One of the biggest preventative measures is, before laying your gravel, ensure you have killed all the weeds that were there before, we recommend using a very strong weed killer that will kill the plant down to the foot. In our experience Glyphosate based weed killers are best and will kill anything they touch.

Spray the driveway three to four weeks before it’s due to start and respray new regrowth a day or two weeks before the drive will be laid. This can help make sure that all of your weeds are dead and when your contractor lays the weed control fabric, you can be sure there are no leftover weeks to grow through it.

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