Daltex Beige Dried Gravel 2-5mm
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Daltex Beige Dried Gravel 2-5mm

Available: 25kg Poly Bags – 40 25kg Bags Per Pallet (1000kg)
Shape: Angular
PSV: 35-40
AAV: 32
AIV: 31
ACV: 30
10% Fines: –
Hardness: 3

Category: Product ID: 74

Product Description

The 2-5mm Daltex Beige Dried Gravel is one of the most common neutral colours that we offer as both a gravel and aggregate. Commonly used in resin bonding, the stones are perfect for creating driveway and patios at any type of property, when applied as part of resin bounded products. Combing shades of beige and cream marble aggregate, with the consistent lighter tones running through it giving a mellow finish. Whether used on its own, as a border or mixed in with other colours, the Daltex Beige Dried Gravel 2-5mm is easily one of the most flexible aggregates and gravel that we offer.  For more information check out The Guide to Gravel Driveways.


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