Daltex Black Dried Gravel 2-5mm
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Daltex Black Dried Gravel 2-5mm

Available: 25kg Poly Bags – 40 25kg Bags Per Pallet (1000kg)
Shape: Angular
PSV: 58
AAV: 4-5
AIV: 10
ACV: 12
10% Fines: 250kN
Hardness: 7

Category: Product ID: 73

Product Description

The Daltex Black Dried Gravel 2-5mm, is very plain black and charcoal granite gravel, which offer a simple yet striking look. Ideal for borders, as the main attraction or mixed in with other colours, it can make the exterior of your property stand out. When used in resin bonding the Daltex Black Dried Gravel, offer a perfect stone to great a solid and smooth surface. Used in a variety of resin bounded applications, we have supplied them for use on drives, patios and even pathways. The 2-5mm Daltex Black Dried Gravel is one of the most popular solid coloured gravels that we offer to our customers.  For more information check out The Guide to Gravel Driveways.



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