Daltex Amber Gold 1-4mm

Daltex Amber Gold 1-4mm

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Product Description

The Daltex Amber Gold 1-4mm is one of the smaller grade aggregates that offers an extreme durability when used in resin bonding. Suitable for use on its own or as a thinner internal finish to give a more decorative look. Combing yellow and brown tones together, the stones combine to create a rich looking surface, perfect to create decorative drives and patios. Commonly used in resin bound applications, the aggregate can help to create a decorative and durable surface area. When using Daltex Amber Gold 1-4mm as an aggregate we highly recommend the use of a quality resin, to ensure a high quality finish.

When used as a decorative gravel the options for use are almost limitless. However, the Daltex Amber Gold is commonly used for resin bound drives. There are a number of product that perfectly compliment our gravel range including:

Having worked in the gravel industry for many years, we have developed a great knowledge and understanding for what our range of products can be used for. We always recommend uses quality resin, when using our gravel to ensure a high standard of finish. Serving both individuals and the trade, we’ll ensure you have all the necessary products needed to create a beautiful resin bound area. The Daltex Amber Gold is commonly used to create a number of resin surfaces including:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Pathways
  • Play Areas
  • Many More…

The Daltex Amber Gold is designed to be extremely durable and long lasting as a surfacing option and it can be used for almost anything. With delivery available nationwide, no matter where you’re based you can purchase our quality gravel. No matter how big the surface area might be, we can provide the amount of decorative gravel you’ll need to ensure you don’t run out half way through the your surfacing project. For more information check out The Guide to Gravel Driveways.


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