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The RBS Primer we offer is perfect for using when installing resin bound surfaces, especially on resin bonded surfaces that have concrete as a base surface. Allowing for a more efficient, professional and longer lasting resin bonded product; whether it be a driveway, patio, path or something else. The high strength bonding primer agent is efficient to apply and has a very quick drying time. Meaning when you need to apply a resin bound surface, you can install it without a long delay. Designed to be applied just before you install the primer, it should be touch dry and then the primer can be  applied over a range of surface areas, to ensure the primer takes full effect.

We are proud to offer our resin bound primer to customers in Middlesbrough and throughout the rest of the country. Our primer is manufactured to some of the highest possible industry standards to ensure the best possible quality primer. Using a primer can help to get your driveway or any other surface area and can help to ensure a smoother finish and more efficient installation. Our primer is used by many trade and domestic customers up and down the country.

The primer we offer can be easily roller applied and onto new or existing concrete bases and creates the perfect level between the concrete and bonded surface. This ensures that the concrete doesn’t absorb, the resin and aggregate, meaning you have a stronger surface. Priced at a highly completive price and coming in the great 5ltr size, there’s no reason not to purchase the Resin Bound Primer.

If you’re in need of resin bound primer, then be sure to shop online with Resin Bound Solutions. Should you have any questions or if you’re wanting to place a bulk order then please feel free to get in touch.  For more information check out The Guide to Gravel Driveways.


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